Top Five Challenges of Carpet Cleaning Before Your Wedding

Carpet Cleaning is required to maintain the health of the carpet and the home. However, improper cleaning can make things worse. Thus it is very much required to clean the carpet in a proper way. The professional cleaning services take all the measures and precautions while cleaning. However, things may not be that easy while cleaning at home. We often make mistakes and turn the carpet cleaning a challenging and tedious process.

Here are the top five challenges of carpet cleaning that we come across due to improper cleaning.


Have you noticed that your carpet is shrinking when you are cleaning it at home? Well, welcome to the first challenge. Excessive water during cleaning and over-heating can cause this. If the carpet is over-wet and you have applied very hot water, then the carpet starts slowly shrinking. This can impact the natural fibers and thus any abrasive method should be avoided. The shrinking of the carpet can damage the beauty of the carpet as well as the longevity of it.


Have you ever wondered that your carpet gets dirty quickly after cleaning it? This is the second challenge of carpet cleaning. If you leave the residue of dirt in the carpet before watering it, then you are asking for trouble. The dust should be vacuumed first thoroughly. The hot water should be sprinkled rather than poured into the carpet. The scrubbing of the carpet also should be very slow and gentle. If not, the residue left would come to the surface once the carpet is dried.


Shredding of the carpet fibers on the floor is also a common issue. This is the third challenge and again it comes due to improper cleaning process. The fibers are gentle need extra care while cleaning. If the abrasive method is used to clean the carpet, then the roots of the fibers may loosen up. The fibers then get easily shredded. Well, there are two ways to control it. The first is to be gentle while cleaning the carpet. The second is regular vacuuming. There would be some shredding but that can be stopped from floating everywhere by vacuuming the carpet well.

Carpet Fraying

Cleaning a carpet again and again also has its own disadvantage. Over cleaning can cause fraying of the edges. Initially, this is not visible but slowly the frayed out edges can be seen very clearly. You may need contact carpet repair professionals to address the issue as soon as possible. Using poor chemicals and hard methods can create fraying very quickly as well. Hence, the recommended chemicals must be used for cleaning purposes.

Color Fading

The improper cleaning process and poor choice of chemicals can cause color fading as well. The color of the fabrics may start fading if harsh material is used. Some chemicals are not fabric-friendly and must be avoided.

These are a few common challenges that appear during carpet cleaning. It is recommended that professional carpet cleaning service is carried out often to minimize the damage. A proper cleaning technique must be followed while cleaning at home as well.