Wedding don’ts

We have all attended enough weddings in order to realize that there are some things that people should simply not do. The bride and groom have dedicated months of their lives in order to make this day special not only for them, but for you as well, there is no reason to ruin it with inappropriate behavior.


The first thing you need to avoid is wearing white. If you are a woman invited at a wedding do not under any circumstances wear white. This is the first and most important thing when it comes to your dress. It should not be white. One other thing your dress should definitely not be is tacky. Try to look decent and do your best to not embarrass either the bride or the groom with an outrageous outfit.

Now that we’ve discussed outfits, we need to discuss manners. It is okay to drink at a wedding, that’s why all the alcohol is there for, but it is absolutely not okay to get drunk at a wedding. Believe it or not, everyone can notice when you are drunk. Even if you think you are okay and you are not doing anything wrong, people can always tell when you’ve had one too many drinks. This leads us to rule number three: don’t get drunk and cause a scene.

We all get that for some people weddings can be depressing, because they end up thinking that it could have been them the ones to find eternal happiness, but this is not the place nor the time to cause a scene. In order for anyone to understand what exactly causing a scene means, you should know that it includes: inappropriate dancing, inappropriate speeches, inappropriate arguments or inappropriate jokes. If you know you have been drinking at that wedding, all of the above mentioned behaviors are strictly forbidden.

One other thing you should not do while at a wedding is trying to find your soul mate. You should probably know that that only works in movies. In real life, there are hardly any people at a wedding that you have something in common with. So in order to save you the disappointment, just don’t try to flirt with anyone and get mistaken for a weird or awkward person.

We know it is a wedding and that it has a lot of food and this is exactly why you should keep in mind to also stop eating at some point. The food may be great, but nobody will want to deal with you once you get sick. And one other thing when it comes to the food: try to eat it properly and try to have some table manners.

These are pretty much all the things you should avoid doing at a wedding. Other than that, remember to congratulate the young couple and to have loads of fun.